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bible study


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We have a multi church, intimate fellowship and bible study every Thursday night focused on topics to prepare hearts for the age to come.  Courses include topics such as The Excellencies of Christ, the Beatitudes,  fasted lifestyle,  foundations of intercession, end times, etc.  The heart of the study is pursuing and growing in the knowledge of God together ss a family in intimacy through friendship and faith. If your longing for a deeper intimacy with the Lord this is the place to come. 

New Series Starting October 28th



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We value joy and laughter! Once a month we come together as family to bring all aspects of the ministry together for laughter and getting to know each other. It was a way to connect and build relationships with one another. 



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The Pursuit Internship is an extensive time to be strengthened

 in your relationship with Lord  and to grow in intimacy with Him. It is  designed to impart the visions, values, and understanding of the house of prayer. The internship will include teaching, equipping, ministry times, experiencing the prayer room through worship and prayer, and building relationships. Our next internship will be at the beginning of 2022.

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