08   /   26 & 28   /   2022


The SKIP BO TOURNAMENT is happening Sunday. Don't know how to play? No worries, come and enjoy time together for lunch, Skip Bo Tourney's, and as usual, it will be alot of laughs. We will be BBQ Chicken for


Please bring a side dish to serve 3 -

4 people. You can post in Wattsapp 

if you would like to let people know

what you are bringing. 

This is our family time to talk with 

each other, connect on a deeper

level, and have some serious fun! So 

come on and join us for some seriously

entertaining times!


06   /   01   /   2022

DAVID'S TENT DC Texas Zoom Meeting

 Join us for an informational meeting as we prepare for Texas Week in DC at David's Tent Aug 7- 14, 2022.  8:45pm Link


Meeting ID

841 0011 5270

Screen Shot 2021-06-11 at 11.17_edited.jpg

06   /   01   /   2022


 Our next round of classes starts next June 1st and we are excited to offer a few NEW Classes such as Worship Band with Michael, Voice with Cassidy, Adult and Kids Piano with Lori, and our Enjoying God Class with Mark and Vicki and Stacie! And we have a NEW ONLINE Adult Piano class led by Lorens San Carlo, Wohoo. Sign up or pass on to your friends. We are raising up a generation of creatives that will listen, love, light the world on fire.  CLICK FOR MORE INFO

06   /   05   /   2022


GLOBAL DAY OF PRAYER is a beautiful opportunity to gather in UNITY and invite the King of Glory to bring light into our darkness, peace into our violence, order into our chaos. As a lover of Jesus, you have access to Heaven, and you're invited to pray intentionally this Pentecost Sunday for God's Spirit to be poured out as we pray for the nations with the nations.  CLICK FOR MORE INFO

06   /   20 - 23   /   2022

POWER CAMP | Mon - Thu 10am-12pm 

The Hanger, MHOP and River of Life are helping serve Mark and Vicki for POWER CAMP '22! Let's all try and find a way to get behind reaching the kids in the Brookshire area with the love of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit. Would you help serve or donate to help accomplish all that the Lord has placed in the Watson's heart? You can 

  CLICK here to DONATE  |  or Contact Vicki for more info on volunteering.


06   /   24 - 25   /   2022

TOGETHER 22 Dallas, TX

TOGETHER‘22 is a catalytic stadium gathering on the 50th anniversary of Explo ‘72. The event will empower the next generation of Christians to Make Jesus Known. 

50 years ago, a Jesus Revolution exploded across the nation, becoming the most significant Gospel movement in American history. Jesus People gathered at the Cotton Bowl Stadium for Explo ‘72, an event that commissioned a generation and shifted culture for the Gospel like never before. That commission continues. Join a new generation of Jesus People this June for TOGETHER ’22. CLICK FOR INFO

06   /   26   /   2022


We will have our Family Gathering at 1pm. More details to come



This is a great podcast we have launched with ATD. I have been doing the editing and uploading the podcasts as well as hosting some shows in the future. Check it out and you will be blessed. 

ATD Presents… The Jesus Movement podcast: conversations to equip you to host the presence of Jesus through worship, prayer and Gospel proclamation — because we believe Jesus changes everything. CLICK HERE FOR PODCAST