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mosaic music academy

the Art of Encounter & Expression

God is "the Creator" of everything. How He loves his creation to create. The creative arts are one of the cornerstones of our faith. Our passion is to teach music and scripture in a way that we believe God intended us to learn. We creatively encourage our students to listen, learn, and discover music theory in context of adoration and worship unto Jesus.

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Our vision at Mosaic Music Academy is to give every student the tools to have a lifetime of conversations with the Lord though song. Our desire is to train a generation to be able to speak to God and hear from God through their instrument

Man Playing Guitar

Benefits of Group Lessons

Playing in a group allows adults and younger children to develop team skills. People learn to listen and non-verbally communicate with each other to create music. Skills that can be learned while playing music include balance, intonation, rhythm, and performance etiquette in a group setting. Being a part of any team can have so many benefits by itself, imagine how many benefits playing music as a team can have! 

Why in a group though?

  • More instruction time. Group music lessons are often longer in duration than private music lessons, providing more value in music instruction time per week.

  • Increased emphasis on song learning. Group music lessons tend to focus on learning complete songs, as opposed to small parts of songs or purely conceptual material.

  • Improved motivation to practice. The ensemble atmosphere of group music classes uses positive peer pressure to inspire students to want to learn and practice more frequently at home.

  • Boosted teamwork. Students in group music classes get to work together - often with students of other instruments - to reach concrete goals. This promotes team building and builds confidence!

  • Increased socialization and sense of community. In group music classes, students can meet new friends with similar interests and form new social circles.

  • Reduced risk of stage fright. Practicing in front of peers in group settings can empower students, boost confidence, and help students overcome stage fright.

  "Music has always been meant to play as a group."

Meet The Team

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Cassidy Campbell

Cassidy Campbell is a musician, singer, songwriter, and author. He traveled on the road for 18 years, 7 continents, 48 states, and has played in over 10,000 churches, festivals, and stadiums. He had 2 top 10 hits on CCM Radio, record deals from Warner Brothers, Word Records, DelPhi Records,  Audience Records, and was played on over 50 radio stations on mainstream radio. Cassidy has been leading worship, working with musicians, teaching lessons, and working with hundreds of worship leaders all over the country. Cassidy has a desire to see a generation of creatives propelled into their destiny. 

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Michael Henggeler

Michael's desire to explore music has led him to become an accomplished multi-instrumentalist. He has high expectations for his students and does his best to challenge and encourage them to meet their fullest potential while keeping class time fun and a worthwhile journey.  Michael is proficient in many different styles such as rock, blues, funk, metal, classical, pop, and country. Outside of teaching, he enjoys writing, recording, and performing original music, while owning his own music production studio, and working professionally in the music industry. 


Lori Henggeler

Lori is a skilled singer, songwriter, and teacher who is passionate about connecting with God through the songs in her heart. With over 10 years of experience in creating, performing, and teaching music, she has taught students of all ages, nations, and styles. Lori teaches vocals, songwriting, performance art, public speaking, guitar, and piano. Her process is to find each unique student where they are and lead them where they want to be. "No one else can bring God that special song in your heart but YOU!"

Lorens San Pedro_edited.jpg

San Pedro

Lorens spearheads worship teams that transform hearts as well as cities by the Power of God. From leading worship in prisons throughout Texas to lifting up the name of Jesus all over the streets of Houston, he brings the Light of the Gospel into dark places through the sound of music.He also leads dynamic citywide outreaches that have grown to a passionate tribe averaging 120+ volunteers per month.






All our classes are centered around four foundations

  • Creativity based on Biblical Foundations

  • The Fundamentals of Theory

  • Expression with Confidence

  • The Art of Hearing


6 week classes
Fall classes 

All fall classes are one on one for 2023.

We will start our group classes in 2024. 


Wednesday 5pm

Group Piano with Lori

Lori's 6 week class is for ages 8-15 focused on encouraging each student to listen, learn, and play with others in an environment created to foster their passion and desire for piano. 


Lori Henggeler

Screen Shot 2022-03-26 at 1.35.31 PM.png

Wednesday 6pm

Group Piano with Lori

Lori's 6 week class is for ages 15 and up focused on encouraging each student to listen, learn, and play with others in an environment created to foster their passion and desire for piano. 


Lori Henggeler


Wednesday's 6pm

Worship Band with Michael

Michael's 6 week class is designed for all ages as he teaches the value of theory, creativity, and expression in an encouraging environment that will challenge growth in each student. 

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Michael Henggeler


Wednesday 7pm

Group Piano with Lorens

Lorens' 6 week class is for ages 18 & up focused on a community experience that develops worship skills in a convenient and accessible way. This is a LIVE ONLINE course.

Lorens San Pedro.JPG

Lorens San Pedro


Wednesday 5:30pm

"Enjoying God" Kids Edition

Ages 5-10

Enjoying God is a fun, interactive experience that will lead your kids to encounter a God who loves them and loves to be with them! John 17:22-23. During the 6 weeks of interactive activities, they will learn:


- God talks to them and they can talk (pray) to Him.  

- God loves to hear their voice.

- How to listen and recognize His voice through the word of God, dreams, visions, worship and other people (prophetic).

God is always speaking but in our society it is so hard to shut out the distractions and listen. Sometimes it's hard to know HOW to recognize His voice. We believe that music, listening to the voice of God, and responding are vital. The generations to come will hear the voice of the Father and we believe NOW is the time to train them.


Mark & Vicki Watson

This course is offered at NO COST

Interested in taking lessons for an instrument not listed? We teach voice, drums, bass, violin and much more.  contact us at:

Enjoying God
Reserve your spot 
Class Application 

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$250 per Course

6 Group Lessons 
45 minute lessons

Option A

  • Pay in Full before or on date of first class

Option B

  • Pay in 2 installments

      $125 due at first lesson
       $125 due at fourth lesson

all classes held at
                           the great southwest prayer center

2655 Mason Road - Katy, TX 77450


"The greatest theologians of our time should be the artists expressing what they see and hear the Lord saying..."

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